Through 3PL providers, wholesale distributors, and online retailers, Wolin Design Group’s software solutions are used extensively by apparel/footwear companies to manage their supply chain.

True Apparel/Footwear Prepack Support

Wolin Design Group’s software options support true apparel/footwear prepack specifications, such as multiple styles, sizes, or colors and garments on hanger. With this functionality, apparel/footwear distributors do not have work around the confusion and difficulties that result from forcing their supply chain processes to use a software system that does not support their needed specifications.

Advanced Pick and Pack

Wolin Design Group’s software solutions allow for full carton auditing in your pick and pack process. They also initiate pick waves by style, PO range, or any other specification to simplify the pick and pack process. You can receive items in prepack, and pick and ship by UPC or style.

Small Parcel Shipping Integration

Wolin Design Group’s software solutions integrate fully with UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Combined with the apparel/footwear prepack support, shipping for retail replenishment is simplified.

EDI Integration

Without EDI integration, you’re required to manually enter data, sometimes in multiple systems. The more this occurs, the greater the possibility of human-error occurring. With Wolin Design Group’s EDI integration, your information will move automatically between systems to improve your overall accuracy.