Wolin Design Group has powered cold storage facilities of all sizes with our software solutions.

Allergen Support

Monitor allergens in all products and locations.

Lot Code Support

Keep track of lot code information for products in storage.

HACCP Support

Maintain your processes compliance with HACCP guidelines.

Recall Reports

Process recall information and create recall reports directly from the software solution.

IARW Compliant Shipping Documents

Create shipping documents that are compliant with IARW specifications seamlessly.

Catch Weights

Wolin Design Group’s software solutions support capturing varying weights for both receiving and shipping.

RF Wireless Directed Putaway

Using RF wireless scanning, you can use Wolin Design Group’s directed putaway functions to ensure that all inventory is stored in a location that meets the required temperature specifications.

Temperature Control

Wolin Design Group’s software allows you to control temperature requirements for both locations, and items to ensure that all items are kept in their required conditions.