When working in the food and beverage industry, accuracy and efficiency is essential to maintaining the safety of the products. Wolin Design Group’s software solutions allow you to move inventory through your supply chain safely and efficiently to maintain profitability and maximize customer satisfaction.

Allergen Support

Keeping accurate records of allergens is essential when working with consumable goods. Both CartonLogic™ and the Da Vinci Supply Chain Business Suite™ allow you to monitor allergens in all products and locations in your warehouse.

Lot Code Support

Keep track of lot code information for products in storage.

HACCP Support

Maintain compliance with HACCP guidelines in all of your processes.

Recall Reports

Process recall information and create recall reports directly from the software solution.

Directed Putaway with RF Wireless Scanning

Using RF wireless scanning, Wolin Design Group’s software solutions allow warehouses to simplify processes and maximize efficiency with directed putaway.