Creating an omni-channel fulfillment operation for your business is complex, but has great benefits. You can keep more inventory in your retail locations, instead of your distribution center, and improve your shipping process. Wolin Design Group provides the ideal software solutions for those looking to reduce shipping costs, deliver orders more quickly, and improve overall efficiency.

Reduce the Size of Your Distribution Center

With an omni-channel fulfillment operation, you can reduce the size of your distribution center and keep more inventory and in your retail locations. Shipping orders from your retail locations will also improve your delivery times and reduce shipping costs.

Manage Your Distribution Center and Retail Locations from the Same System

With Wolin Design Group’s software solutions, you can maintain your distribution center and access important information at retail locations, all from one integrated system. Retail employees can log into the WMS through a web browser to process orders and create shipments. The real-time updates ensure that accurate inventory information is available for all locations and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Fully Integrated with Current Systems

With Wolin Design Groups software options, you can fully integrate your warehouse management solution with your existing point-of-sale system, small parcel shipping, and online shopping cart to reduce the need for manual data entry and the possibility of human error.

Improved Employee Productivity

Retail employees can easily process and ship online orders during down time in retail stores which increases productivity in stores and improves the overall efficiency of your business