Third-party logistics providers experience unique challenges working to accurately and efficiently meet the demands of multiple customers with diverse requirements. Both the Da Vinci Supply Chain Business Suite™ and CartonLogic™ were designed from the ground up specifically for the third-party logistics industry. Extensive customizable features make Wolin Design Group’s software ideal for any 3PL.

Multi-Account Configurations

Use over 600 different configuration options to manage multiple accounts handled by your business. Establish separate configurations for each individual customer to maintain compliance with their unique requirements.

Activity-Based Billing

Customize your activity-based billing process with 60 different configuration options. Set rules for different accounts in accordance with your different customer agreements.

RF Barcode Scanning

With RF barcode scanning, you can make your warehouse more efficient and never lose track of any product. Accurately track items from delivery, to their storage location, to staging, and then shipment.

Integrated EDI Support

Simplify your processes and increase accuracy with integrated EDI options.

Years of Experience

Wolin Design Group has many years of experience working with 3PL providers with installations in hundreds of 3PL facilities worldwide. We have encountered almost every challenge, specification, and obstacle that you could imagine.