CartonLogic™ is Wolin Design Group’s premier web-based, on demand warehouse and inventory management software. Designed for distribution and third-party logistics (3PL) service providers looking to manage complexity and increase profitability, competitiveness, and growth, CartonLogic™’s intuitive web-based interface places all the information needed to manage your company’s inventory right at your fingertips. Whether your business runs a sprawling warehouse facility, a distribution center, or a simple 5,000 square foot inventory center, you will increase efficiency, transparency, and visibility using CartonLogic™’s robust reporting and cost analysis tools. All of these powerful tools are conveniently centralized through a user-controlled dashboard. Your data will be available whenever, and wherever, you need it, thus enabling you to make informed inventory decisions.

Rapid Deployment

With its on demand, web-based interface, CartonLogic™ provides unmatched deployment speed. There is no hardware to purchase and no software to install, so, regardless of the size of your warehouse, number of inventory items, or number of suppliers, CartonLogic™ quickly integrates with front-office and back-office operations. Wolin Design Group hosts the software and your company accesses it via the internet from a web browser. Because it is a managed service, software updates are handled for you from our centralized servers to eliminate the headaches associated with technology upgrades.

Reduced IT Investment

Choosing CartonLogic™ eliminates the costs associated with purchasing server hardware, network setup, and technical staff overhead. Using our software as a service solution means these burdens are shifted from your warehouse managers to our highly trained and qualified CartonLogic™ team.

Global Access to Your Inventory Data

As long as you have internet access and a web browser, you can access your distribution and inventory data in real-time, anywhere in the world. CartonLogic™ provides 24/7 global access to your most vital data.

CartonLogic™ Grows With Your Business

CartonLogic™ seamlessly expands to meet the demands of your growing business. Easily add users, additional warehouse sites, or product SKUs with easy-to-use configuration settings. The software’s intuitive interface helps increase employee adoption so you get up to speed quickly. CartonLogic™ allows the ultimate flexibility as your business grows.

Keep Inventories Balanced and Optimized

With its unique web-based user interface, CartonLogic™ ensures inventory accuracy, adequate stocking levels, and free movement of goods throughout your warehouse. Avoid unhappy customers and costly write-offs with real-time quantity, location status, and history information for every item in a single warehouse or throughout multiple locations. CartonLogic™ delivers data on inventory while providing advanced analytical tools and robust reporting for accurate and timely decision-making.

Shopping Cart Integration

Online purchases are directly imported into CartonLogic™ without manual data entry. With CartonLogic™, information is up-to-the-minute and accurate allowing for real time inventory decisions. Our customers keep things moving by setting automatic replenish targets that adjust inventory levels immediately.

Shipping Integration

CartonLogic™ allows you to deliver the fast and accurate shipping that your customers expect. The billing process is automated to streamline your processes and to ensure that orders are billed in a timely manner. The web-based interface keeps all warehouse information updated which allows you to increase order throughput, pick and pack speed, and overall accuracy. CartonLogic™ also features small parcel integration with UPS, FedEx, and USPS and integrated labeling options.


CartonLogic™ is a pay-as-you-go service starting at $500 per month. You can cancel at any time, and, should you choose to do so, we won’t prorate your last month but you won’t be billed again. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Payments are processed over a secure, 256-bit SSL connection via our PCI-DSS Compliant server. Your credit card is automatically charged quarterly, and you will receive a statement each time your card is charged.

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